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A Abortions A Acidity A Acne A Albuminuria A All Disease of Gums and Teeth A Alopecia Areata A Amnesia A Anaemia A Anorexia (Loss of Appetite) A Anosmia A Apoplexy A Ascites A Asthama A Atonic Stomach A Atony of the Uterus A Atrophy of Penis & Loss of Erection B Bad Breath B Bed Wetting B Bilious Liver B Biliousness of the Kidney & Bladder B Bladder & Spleen Liver Enlargement B Bleeding Gums B Blepharitis,Conjunctivities & Stye B Boils,Pimple/Fairness,Ulcers & Scabies B Bronchial Asthma B Burning Micturition C Calculus Stone in Kidney and Bladder C Cataract C Cerebral Atony C Cholecystitis & Gall Bladder Stone C Cholera C Cold,Catarrh and Influenza C Colic C Constipation C Cough C Cracked Lips D Deafness D Diabetes Insipidus D Diabetes Mellitus D Diabetes(Sugar in Urine) D Diarrhoea D Diarrhoea & Vomiting due to Indigestion D Diarrhoea/Dysentery D Diphtheria D Dysmenorrhoea & Amenorrhoea D Dyspepsia and Flatulence D Dysuria E Ear Sound E Eczima E Elongation of the Uvula E Epilepsy E Epilepsy of children E Epistaxis F Face Care F Fainting F Falling of Hair F Fever F Forgetfulness F Frigidity F Full Smelling Nose G Galactorrhoea G Gall Bladder Stone G Gastralgia G General Debility G Giddiness G Gingivitis G Gonorrhoea G Granular Pharyngitis H Haematuria H Haemoptysis (Spitting of Blood) H Hair Care H Halitosis (Foul Breath) H Headache,Migraine and Vertigo H Hematemesis H Hepatitis H Hiccup H Household Medicines H Hydrospermia H Hysteria I Inability to Concieve I Incontinence of Urine I Indigestion & Gas Formation I Indigestion/Cosntipation I Infantile Pneumonia I Inflamation of Throat I Insanity I Insomnia I Intestinal Worm I Itching in the Ear I Itching of the Testicles J Jaundice L Lack of Appetite L Laryngitis & Hoarseness of voice L Leucoderma L Leucorrhoea & Metritis L Lice L Loose Teeth L Loss of Hearing L Low Blood Pressure M Malarial Fever M Measles M Melancholia M Meningitis M Menorrhagia M Menstrual Disorders M Menstual Bleeding M Metritis (Hardening of Uterus) M Mothers Milk M Mumps N Nasal Worms N Nausea and Blood Vomating N Nephralgia N Neuritis N Nocturnal Emission and Spermatorrhoea O Obesity O Oligospermia O Otalgia (Earache) O Ozena P Pain in Ear P Pain,Swelling and Pustules in Throat P Paralysis P Paralysis,Facial Paralysis & Chorea P Phthisis & Tuberculosis P Piles P Piles and Fistula P Pneumonia & Pleurisy P Polydipsia (Excessive Thirst) P Polyurea,Bed Wetting & Urine Retention P Post-Partum P Premature Ejaculation P Premature Greying of Hair P Prolapse of the Uterus P Pruritus Vulvae ( Vulvar Itching) P Ptyalism ( Salivation) P Pyorrhoea R Renal and Bladder Calculus R Restricted Hair Growth R Rheumatism,Arthritis,Gout & Backache R Ringworms S Sagging Breast S Scabbies S Sciatica S Scrofula S Sexual Debility S Sexual Sluggishness,Feebleness & Obliguity S Skin Care S Sleeplessness S Slugish Liver S Sneezing S Splenitis ( Enlargement of the Spleen) S Stained Teeth S Stammering S Sterility S Stomach Diseases S Stomach Heat S Stomachache S Stress S Sun Stroke S syncope S Syphilis T Threatened Abortions T Thrush T Tinnitus T Tonsilitis T Toothache T Tuberculosis T Typhoid T Typhoid & Chiken Pox-Measles T Tyroma U Ulceration of the Ear & Otorrhoea U Urticaria V Vaginal Laxation V Vitiligo W Weakness of Brain (Brain Fag) W Weakness of Eyesight (Asthenopia) W Weakness of Heart and Palpitation W Weakness of the Kidney & Urinary Bladder W Weakness of the Liver W Whooping Cough W Wounds