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Dawakhana Hakim Jamil Khan Ajmal Khan as you know a well knows and trusted name in unani and a ayurvedic medicines & consulting in Mumbai city & surbursbs (pydhonie, jogeshwori ,sion ,masjid bander& bhiwandi) providing medical service since last century where our unani experts will examine the patients and accordingly treat them as per their need.

As Hakim Ajmal Khan was a famous physician in delhi and one of the foundurs of the jamia millia islamia university,He also founder another institution ayurvedic and unani tibbia (medical)college they were known as the raees of delhi.Hakim ajmal sahib also known “massih-ul-mulk”(Heeler of the nation)and” a king without a crown "by nawabs".

Dawakhan hakim jamil khan ajmal khan was initiated by hakim fasiullah khan (cousins hakim ajmal khan) in early decade of 20 century. His prime motive was to serve the humanity. Hakim fasiullah khan was very well known unani physician & herbalist and considered to be one of the best in his time. He was unoppossed priesdent of jamiat –ul-ullma-e-hind and a philanothropist. Hakim fasiullah also served as a vice chairman of hajj-committee Mumbai till his death.

Hakim Fasiullah Khan Hakim Fasiullah Khan

Post his demise one of his son hakim Abdul Rasheed khan take over legacy and started working towords the improvement of unani pathy as well as serving humanity.Hakim Abdul Rasheed khan was widely known physician and herbalist in his time. He was very soft spoken and generous by heart & popular among all section of people they started a unani matab (clinic)in neighbouring town bhiwandi and practicing nearly 40 years of his life. Like his father he was also a philanothropist and member of hajj committee Mumbai.

Hakim Abdul Rasheed Khan

After hakim Abdul Rasheed khan his four sons Ajmal khan, Waheed khan, Hameed khan & Suleman khan assume control on matab (clinic) of Mumbai /bhiwandi and began working on their father’s path.In the 21 century approaching they keep working towords the improvement of unani /ayurvedic & herbals system by estabilishing new clinics in various places in Mumbai /bhiwandi they open up clinics like in bhiwandi 1) dargah road 2) khadipar and in Mumbai 3) jogeshwori 4) masjid bunder 5) sion station and continuing. Ajmal khan deliverd his responsibility as a elder and continuing his family moto towords growth of unani &herbal pathy as well as improving the quality & packaging of medicines through introducing capsule and tablet form by collaborating with different pharma companies.

Dawakhana Hakim Jamil khan Ajmal khan also have its own distribution channel. Named as Dehlvi agencies & A.R. Distributers which promotes the new pharma companies of unani/ayurvedic & herbals system and their brands. It also have agencies of Hamdard, Dabar, Dehlvi(Sana Herbals), Rex, New shama, Tibbia college alligarh & others unani & ayurvedic companies

That’s why Dawakhana known as one of the best place of unani & ayurvedic treatment & consulting consequently Dawakhana Hakim Jamil Khan Ajmal Khan because a trusted name of unani and ayurvedic medicines in india especially in Maharashtra.

Waheed Khan Ajmal Khan Hameed Khan Suleman Khan

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